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To the uninitiated, shipping a container to Argentina or other far away country can be a bewildering process. A visit to a container port can be almost overwhelming. They are so vast in scale, it is understandable to wonder how one small container of household goods won't get lost in transit. The secret is in how the system works.

It begins with the container freight company. These companies know every facet of the business and how to go about making all of the arrangements. First they help you determine the size of container you need. Then, if requested can even pack up your household goods for you and pack them neatly and securely into the container. The container is then sealed tightly and remains so unless customs officials inspect it. After inspection they seal it once again.

From there, your container to Argentina is delivered on the back of a truck to a warehouse until it is time for it to be shipped. When the time comes, it is taken to the port and loaded by crane onto the container vessel. The vessel is selected by a freight forwarder, who chooses the most economical ship available at the time. All records of transit are meticulously kept for every single container. Called "manifest data," these records are used both for tracking the shipment and for customs inspectors upon arrival.

A few days before the gigantic container to Argentina ship is due to arrive at the selected port in that country, the ship's captain alerts authorities there of his imminent arrival. Workers are ready and waiting at the port and authorities know exactly what is being offloaded. Often, a crew of up to a hundred take part in the unloading process after the designated containers are taken off the vessel by gigantic dockside cranes.

After clearing customs, the containers are then transferred to a warehouse near the port. They are then cleared of their contents. The contents are sorted and delivered by truck to their final destination. In some cases, such as when you ship 20 foot container to Argentina, the entire container can be loaded onto the bed of a truck and delivered to your door.

The entire procedure depends on just a few carefully kept documents. These documents, which are included in the manifest data and on your shipping order, include all the vital information needed to make sure that even a small delivery finds its way to its intended destination. Some of the key elements of these documents include the box number, which identifies the specific container, an itemized list of the enclosed goods, the container freight company details, the owner's details and all the details regarding the vessel itself.

The container freight industry is the unsung hero of the world's economy. It is no exaggeration to say that many countries and cities around the world owe their prosperity to the fact that they have a nearby container port. International container shipping companies understand that a small container to Argentina containing one individual's personal goods is as precious to that person as a thousand containers of manufactured goods are to a giant corporation. Every cargo is treated with equal care.

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Container Ports in Argentina

There are 10 Container Ports in Argentina: Port of Bahia Blanca, Port of Buenos Aires, Port of Ensenada, Port of La Plata, Port of Mar Del Plata, Port of Puerto Deseado, Port of Puerto Madryn, Port of Rio Grande, Port of Rosario, Port of San Lorenzo

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